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75 Years of Excellence

Fall Sports

By the time students walk through the doors at the start of the school year, our athletic teams are already hard at work and preparing for the next big game! Come show your Conemaugh Indian pride by joining us with your noisemakers and rally hats on the sidelines.

Our Teams


Varsity Head Coach: Stephanie Edsall
Varsity Assistant Coach: Taryn Kapcsos

2016-2018 Varsity Cheer team

Jr. High Head Coach: Laura Gindlesperger

2016-2017 Junior High Cheer team


Varsity Head Coach: Samuel Zambanini
Varsity Assistant Coaches: Pete Kuharcheck, Chad Rininger, TJ Reckner, Ben Blough, Jim Foster, and Todd Cover

2016-2017 Varsity Football team

Jr. High Head Coach: Wayne Adams
Jr. High Assistant Coach: Chris Stumpf

2016-2017 Junior High Football team


Head Coach: J. Scott Cable

2016-2017 Golf team

Soccer - Boys

Varsity Head Coach: Kelly Kramer
Varsity Assistant Coach: Russell Grunza

2016-2017 Varsity Boys Soccer team

Jr. High Head Coach: Frederick Mainhart
Jr. High Assistant Coach: Josh Hostetler

2016-2017 Junior High Boys Soccer team

Soccer - Girls

Varsity Head Coach: Gary Hoffman
Varsity Assistant Coach: Angie Berzonski

2016-2017 Varsity Girls Soccer team

Jr. High Head Coach: Nicole Velmar-Babik
Jr. High Assistant Coach: Heather Cotchen

2016-2017 Junior High Girls Soccer team

Volleyball - Girls

Varsity Head Coach: Abby Gearhart
Varsity Assistant Coach: Candace Croner

Varsity Girls Volleyball team