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Front of school buildingIn the mid-1920s, students living within Conemaugh Township received their education from one of the twelve schoolhouses that were spread throughout the district. These schools educated the children up to the eighth grade, and then students attended the high school closest to where they lived.

In 1938, the school board budgeted $2 million to begin the building and construction of Conemaugh Township Area High School. The site for the new high school was a field across from what was at the time the Conemaugh Township Elementary School.

Conemaugh Township Area High School’s first graduating class of 1939 started its last year of high school on October 12, 1938. The construction of the school was still not finished, but classes continued. Since the school lacked finished classrooms, students attended seven classes in the gymnasium. By the end of the Christmas Vacation in 1938, construction was complete, and students filled the new hallways, auditorium, and second floor of the high school.

The student body received the opportunity to decide the school mascot, colors, name of the yearbook, and the name of the school newspaper. They decided the yearbook would be called The Connumach, and the school newspaper would be called The Contownian.

In 1941, students of the senior class planted the first tree, starting the landscaping project of the 13-acre campus. In the same year, an athletics field was built.

Conemaugh Township offered its students a variety of sports to participate in, such as baseball, basketball, football, track, and wrestling. The captain of the football team was Ed O’Conner. The team’s first game was against Beaverdale High School with Conemaugh Township winning 6-0. In honor of O’Conner, the top athlete of the year receives the “Eddie Award,” established in 1961.

In 1951, Gerhard Lippert was the first exchange student from Germany to come to Conemaugh Township Area High School.

In 1960, the school board began a hot lunch program. This program guaranteed a “Type A” lunch would be prepared for each student and faculty member.

In 1961, the music area, breezeway, gymnasium, and shops were constructed. The old gymnasium was later changed into what is now the cafeteria.

In 1986, renovations were made to the school. The administrative offices were finished in early December, and the library was finished before Christmas. The new library used a computer-base system for its card catalogue. The students began to use the library after Christmas vacation.

With the intention of improving the appearance of the school, new windows, which helped with insulation and heating, were installed. New plumbing, heating, and electrical wiring were concealed in the new drop ceilings of the hallways. Also, a new drainage system was installed around the entire campus, and the auditorium was updated along with the rest of the school.

In 2004, a new athletics stadium was constructed. This $2.4 million project took many months to complete and was finished in October of 2004. The district installed new metal bleachers to replace the outdated wooden ones. They also included a new press box, concession stand, ticket booths, and restrooms. The football/soccer field received new sod and a six-lane track as well. The grand opening of the stadium was held on October 8, 2004, and hosted a football game against Berlin and Homecoming for the Class of 2005.